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    looking for players for a horror themed one-shot next month

    Hello all, i am new to fantasy grounds, and am learning it at the moment. However, i want to do a trial by fire, so to speak, next month. I will be running the one-shot death house, though it may end up being a 2 shot. I am looking for 3-4 more players.

    Once i have players, i will finalize a day and time for us to play. I have the ultimate license, so anyone can join in. first come first serve. Cheers and happy gaming.

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    If you still looking i am interested
    ~Wait, is this it? Pathetic...~

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    Hey, I am interested in this one shot!

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    Hello. If you're still open, I'd be interested

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    I just downloaded demo. I'd like to get my feet wet here. Hit me up I'm open to play and see how this online style of play works.



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    I might be interested ! Will it be a text or voice based game?

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    If you're still looking and it's not on a saturday I'm up for it.

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    Newbie here. If you have any openings I would like to join. Newbie to Pathfinder 2 not D&D or Pathfinder 1.

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