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    Join us for the Library of Madness!!!!

    LF 1 player 11/21/20 5 to 6 hour one shot
    Game Details
    GM License: Standard (players can join with Standard or Ultimate version)
    Ruleset: 5e
    System: Dungeons and Dragons
    Campaign Type: One-Shot
    Campaign Length: 1 session
    Primary Language: English
    Camera Needed: No
    Audio: Yes (headset required), Discord

    Player Experience Level: Beginner
    GM Experience Level: Beginner
    GM Fantasy Grounds Knowledge: Beginner
    Roleplaying Level: Low
    Combat Level: Heavy
    Puzzle Level: Low
    Mature Content (18+): Yes (horror elements, gore)

    Starting Level: 20 with your choice of one magical item
    Ending Level: 20
    Character Restrictions: None

    The city of Donmox is trying to open their brand new library, but there's a slight problem. The books are ALIVE!!!! and they're attacking the good people of the city. Can anyone help them get the books under control so they can safely open the library to the public?
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    Count me in. Fallen Assimar Paladin.

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    still need a player?

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    Sorry for the late reply, I didn't see your question until just now. We've already ran that one shot.

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    Thank you everyone who replied. We have already played this session. I look forward to running more sessions in the future and may need players.

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