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    BMR Armour Qu Pen

    Hi Dakadin

    Sorry, but need to highlight another really minor issue. I' m finding that when a character has a Qu penalty to Base Movement Rate due to armour, the penalty is not being applied until you open the "hour-glass" on the 'Move & Init' section of the front tab of character sheet. It is only then that it is applying the Qu penalty to the BMR both on the character sheet and on the Combat Tracker. Then if you close and reopen the character sheet it resets again to not include the penalty, so once again I have to click the hour-glass to apply penalty.

    BMR armour Pen 1.png

    BMR Armour Pen 2.png

    I have the 'Encumbrance: Penalty applies to BMR' option set to 'On', although I don't think this is relevant, so not sure if I'm missing something?



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    Hi flpster,

    Thanks for pointing that out. The fix for this issue will be in next Tuesday's release.


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