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    [5e] [DM LFP] Beginner & LGBTQI+ friendly - Lesson, and overview of my other services

    Hi! My name is Michael (he/him) and I've played TTRPGs for 25 years, and DMed for approx 5 of those. Due to the pandemic, I've been DMing 5e games multiple times a week on FGU for the past 7 months.

    The main thing I'm currently offering is something a little different: a lesson that teaches new players how to play D&D 5e in general, and specifically how to play using Fantasy Grounds Unity and Discord. This lesson gives a basic overview of how to play by running through a mini adventure with a selection of premade characters to choose from. I also have a modified version for experienced 5e players who just want to learn how to use FGU and Discord.

    I've play tested this with friends quite a bit, and run it for one paying group, and an average group of 4 should take 4 hours at most to complete this. This will likely be much shorter for a single player, potentially slightly longer for a group of 5. I am willing to teach groups of 1-5, and I charge $25 an hour total for the group. (so $5 an hour per player for a group of 5, $6.25 an hour per player for a group of 4 etc.). I accept venmo or paypal, and require one hour paid at time of finalizing the schedule, which will not be refunded if you cancel. The remainder is due at the end of the session. The group can reschedule once with at least 3 days notice.

    I'm also open to DMing campaigns or one shots for groups at the same rates and with the same parameters. And once I have a larger pool of vetted players, I plan on running regular informal dungeon crawl sessions for players who don't want to commit to a campaign, or who don't have a group. Still figuring this out, but the basic idea is that the schedule will be open a week before the session, and once we have a max of 5 players, that's who plays for that session.

    I reside in US central time zone, but have a very flexible schedule.

    requirements for lesson:

    FGU (demo version is fine of course)
    Headphones or be willing to use "push to talk" in discord

    notes for those interested in one shot or campaign:

    stuff i own in FGU - Books - PHB, DMG, MM, VGtM, XGtE, MToF, TCoE, SCAG, WGtE Adventures - CoS, but would be open to purchasing and prepping something else if you're dying to run it.
    I prefer to do collaborative homebrew settings, but am happy to run a prewritten adventure, although I will absolutely take license to change stuff as I see fit.
    Multiclassing is fine up 2 classes max, if you really NEED to do something silly, you can probably talk me into it if you're convincing and it makes sense from an rp standpoint.
    All classes and races are fine, but please note that if you want to do druid, you'll likely have to spend a little more time working with me to learn how to run it. I do wildshape by giving you access to NPC statblocks, i don't do any extensions.

    I look forward to hearing from you! Feel free to reach out with any questions you might have, either in this thread, through a direct message here, or on discord (fastest response). my discord is: leisure muffin#3174

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    As one of LM's "guinea pigs", I can attest he is a hilarious DM and a great teacher. I'm still giggling over "owlbear flair" from a few weeks ago. If you or your friends are interested but haven't tried it, yet, I highly recommend! The FG learning curve can be steep, but LM gets you there easily and with grace.

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    I was a complete n00b to D&D but after LM's lesson I felt ready to start a campaign and hire him to DM! He's highly experienced and it shows, but more than that he's super imaginative, supportive, and hilarious. I have already recommended his lessons to many friends. The lesson was well thought-out and creative; once it was done I felt very equipped to play

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    Playing DnD with Leisure Muffin is an excellent experience that I would highly recommend to anyone. I have had a great time playing in his game for the last few months. He is not only highly creative, fun, and knowledgeable, he also has a rare talent of seamlessly making your character choices influence the story.

    If you are a new player or new to fantasy grounds he is the perfect person to patiently walk you through everything you need to know, he is definitely both a great teacher and an inspiring DM. However, if you are an experienced player you will really appreciate the time he takes to make each adventure session both entertaining and challenging, he has a knack for giving everyone the chance to have the spotlight and that makes the whole thing exceptional.

    You really can't ask for a better bang for your gaming buck than playing DnD with Leisure Muffin, I find myself thinking about the game sessions all week and look forward to each one.

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    Can confirm, Michael is awesome. I've been playing DnD for about 5 years now and "Muffin" is one of my favorite DMs I've ever played with. And that's saying a lot because I've only ever played with them through the internet! They're homebrew content is funny and engaging and filled with challenges. Great for beginners or experienced players.

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    Just wanted to sat that Mike is awesome. He gave me a crash course on the basics over a few sessions and got me ready to DM a game with my nephews. He was able to keep two kids who had never played before focused and into the game for 2 hours, which was pretty impressive.

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    I want to say that Mike aka LM is just fantastic. I am an old time player, started PnP back in 1978, and LM has simplified this new iteration of D & D greatly. I am a very experinced player and I have Dmed decades of content. I am not saying this to pat myself on the back, but rather to bring credibility to the complements i am sharing about LM. He has surprised me and offered challenges and content that was very interesting, as well as his ability to play each of the Non-Player-Charaters (NPC) you encounter in his worlds. He is also rather adaptive, for example, in our last session, I lost Internet, however, with his skill and patience, he was able to continue the game play as I listened in on Discord and spoke through my actions.

    All and All, I look forward to the sessions with LM, and exploring this world. I highly recommend him to anyone wanting to learn and play.

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    Good recommendations. I may be interested in a wed night game if there was a group. I would want a campaign. I have been playing RPG for past 3 years and grew up on 3.5e.
    Do you do PF2e? That’s my pref however 5e is a close second.

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    Unfortunately wed evenings are my only completely locked down time slot. I am familiar with pathfinder, but i guess not 2e (pretty much all I was playing during the 4e era), but currently sticking to just 5e.

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