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    Skill Ranks Calculated Properly in FGU?

    I'm currently using Version 4.0.1 (2020-11), but for the last several weeks I've noticed the available skill ranks does not appear to be calculated properly.

    For example, my skittermander witchwarper has 12 points in Intelligence (not modified). My understanding is Witchwarpers earn 4 skill ranks + Int Mod, here +1, for a total of 5. At fourth level he should have 20 skill ranks, but FGU shows him with 24 available (this is up from 21 a few weeks ago). While some alternate racial feats grant him a + bonus to skills, I manually entered those prior to Near Space's release in Fantasy Grounds so I don't think they would be affecting anything.

    I attached screen shots of his main tab, skill tab, and abilities tab for reference.
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    All of my players PCs had this problem when I moved them over from classic to Unity. I exported each character and edited the xml code for the each PC. If you create a another PC just like your current PC You will see that FG creates the PC skill points correct.
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    We ran into exactly the same problem last night. My players finally leveled up last night and when dragging the new class to the sheet it turned out that the allocated skill points were off by the intelligence modifier. This was on FG Classic though, and the characters were created in FG Classic.
    When verifying the issue by creating a new character from scratch, this issue did not occur - which makes it even STRANGER. However, I noticed that the SFRPG core rules were updated recently, so maybe a bug snug in?

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    For what it's worth, despite being listed as a Witchwarper my character's class helper was blank. Deleting that class entry and re-adding the four levels in Witchwarper resulted in the proper skill rank calculation.

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