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    NPC Syntax Problems for PF2


    I don't want to spam the forum with questions that have already been asked, but i cannot find answers to my very simple question here (perhaps its too easy)
    I want to create NPCs with FGC (v. 3.3.12) for PFRPG 2.
    Obviosly I fail to write the apprpriate syntax für melee and ranged attacks in the "Automatic and Reactive Abilities" section of the sheet.

    It is for example: "shortsword +6 (1d6+4)"
    This works fine with PF1.
    But in PF2 The attack roll will not be modified by the given modifier(+6). Only the d20 is rolled without the +6. The damage works the way it should be.
    I'm sure you can help. Perhaps there's a site or listing with syntaxes that can be used for other needed rolls in PF2?


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    Try writing it as: [one-action] shortsword +6 (agile, finesse, versatile s), Damage 1d6+4 piercing

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    Welcome to the FG forums Faelar!

    Don't put melee attacks in the "Automatic and Reactive Abilities" section of the NPC statblock - this is for NPC abilities. Put the attack/damage string in the Melee or Ranged section.

    And the attack syntax is different in PF2 to PF1 - that's a Paizo thing! All you have to do is copy the Paizo attack string and put it in the "Melee" entry in the NPC statblock (if it's a melee attack) or "Ranged" if it's a ranged attack. One attack per line.

    Look at the Bestiary for plenty of examples of the setup and the syntax.
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    Thanks al lot for your quick answers!!!

    This way it works and i'll have a look at the bestiary.

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