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    Homebrew setting-D&D 5e- [Looking for 2-3 players] [WED MST 5:00pm-10:00pm][LFP]

    A friend and I are looking to start a character-driven game, and are looking for some mature players (preferably experienced) to play in my dark fantasy style homebrew world. We are both 17 and have technically been playing for 4 or 5 years, I have some dm experience but I am still working on gaming with new people.

    Scheduling: WED MST 5:00pm-9:00pm weekly.
    System: 5th edition dungeons and dragons, (I would like to at some point ease into a Cypher system game but not until I've finished reading the rule book and gotten a hang on dming).
    Voice: We'll be using discord, theatre of the mind.
    Gameplay ratio: 75/25 roleplay, combat. (a slow burn)(but also character-driven so that ratio could change if you were persistent enough)

    respond to this with an application and any questions you may have as well as what you might have for a character concept, we'll be making character at session zero to fit with my world and the other characters at the table but I'd still be interested to hear what your ideas are.

    My setting is moderate magic (not high) with obscure unforgiving creatures and unexplored depths, I'll see where everyone wants to play but it will most like take place in Heemra a snowy tundra and forest continent.

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    - I hope everyone who applied inevitably finds a group . Sorry if you were not chosen. you may pm me if you are curious why, because I know when I was searching for a group a while back it got kinda irritating not knowing the poster's rationalization. Good luck.
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    Hey, I'd be interested in the game. The character I have in mind is a young Wizard traveling the world with a thirst to expand the known world. I love the idea of a high roleplaying styled game, let me know if you have any questions for me.

    Discord: Leolorian#7864

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    Thanks for your interest, I think I got a couple of questions so expect me to shoot you somethin on discord.

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    same, I'm interested. Here's my discord, Nia#5294

    Looking to play as a a fighter in the Samurai subclass

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    Hello! I'm an experienced player looking for a group! My discord tag is N̸̓̄a̴͑̚m̴̓̄ė̵͝l̸̔̿e̶̐͛s̴̱̽s̸̽̕#2389, my character is a Warlock who made a deal with an eldritch being for power in exchange for his memories and now hes roaming the world looking for a way to break the contract

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    I am AZ Mountain Time. I have been looking for a D&D5e long term game for a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday game for quite a while. I started playing in 1977, yep I'm 50+ years old, and have loved the game ever since. So if you're still looking, let me know if I may be a candidate.
    I started playing in 1977, yep I'm *cough cough* years old, and have loved the game ever since.

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    Psyborg We are still looking for players, just waiting a while longer for more applications and trying to make some decisions, so we'll see.
    (also do you have a character concept in mind and do you have discord? might help with decision making)
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    JudexAmaranthas Hey, I saw one of your other posts on your profile and it mentions your enjoyment of combat heaving games and a reoccurring character you play. Just wanted to know if this character is the one you'd be playing and your fine with the high roleplay game right?
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    Yes, I would love to see Nameless flourish.

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