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    Why buy the Pathfinder RPG - Core Rules Pack?

    Like it says in the header; why should I buy the Pathfinder RPG - Core Rules Pack? What will change in Fantasy Grounds that will make my GM life better?

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    It would give you the reference manual so you could play without referencing rules in a web browser and you'd have supported FG's Paizo partnership (which should result in more resource allocation toward PF1e).
    Beyond these things, I don't find much utility in that one.

    When I play, I load up community srd modules (spells, feats, and classes), the official bestiaries (these have creature images already), and official ultimate equipment.
    The community module for spells has much more automation, the feats are all in one place, and the archetypes are easier to add than the official ones.

    My recommendation (as someone who runs prepared adventures) is to buy the Bestiaries that you have interest in (Hold off on Bestiary 4, many spell DCs have been broken for months) and Ultimate Equipment.
    Then buy the adventures (which encourages them to get more community devs converting more modules).

    The other Bestiary-ish modules like NPC Codex, Villain Codex, etc are also very useful if you are running homebrew and/or just want some more NPCs.
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    You basically get the additions of material that isn't part of the OGL - artwork, basically. Which allows the reference manual that @bmos mentioned, all the other artwork as sharable images, some desktop decals and a few portraits. You also get a Pathfinder desktop theme.

    You can see a lot of this in the screenshots and video available on the product page:

    Will it make your GM life better? Maybe?

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