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    DB.export() function displaying text in chat

    Hi. After the last update to FG Classic, the DB.export() function is now displaying "Exported record(s)" in the chat window now where before it would only display in the console. One of the extensions I created relies on this function heavily and is now flooding the chat with the message. In Unity, it still works great by only showing that message in the console window. Is there any way to get this behaviour back to how it was or a known way to prevent it from displaying in the chat on my end?

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    You can override the performExport function in CoreRPG utility\scripts\export.lua - the end of that function outputs a success (or failure) message to chat. The issue would be that you'd need to keep this override function updated with future CoreRPG updates. Maybe the devs will add an option to not export to chat. But in the meantime you can look at overriding the base code in your extension.

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    Ok, so I found the place the exact string links to for this message in manager_campaigndata.lua but it does appear that this was accidentally implemented on the wrong export function so I do think this may need to be addressed in an update by the devs.

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    I looked at all the changes to that file that were implemented since April (as part of v3.3.12 changes). From all I can tell, the export message was already part of the core code back in April.

    Also, the export message only posts a local notification; it is not shared to players.


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