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    Reverse Dice Tower?

    Hey folks - I'm posting this here as I've been playing a lot of Pathfinder 2e these days, but it's really pretty generic:

    The observation here is - it would sure be handy to have the option of a "Reverse" dice tower in the system. Especially in PF2e where there is SO MUCH secret rolling going on (With Show GM Rolls in the OFF position), the ability as the GM to every-once-in-a-while toss a GM die into the tower so all can see - would be fun - without having to go into the options menu to toggle that on and off.

    Just wondered if it was already a feature I missed, or if anyone else might find it useful.

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    I'd love to have that as a feature. I hide my dice, but once in a while I like to show my rolls. For example, I roll 1d6 to see which of the players my baddy will attack if there's a couple flanking it. I like that one to show up as it causes some extra oohs and ahhs.

    Even a shortcut key would be nice. Something like ctrl-shift roll show the roll.

    @the knowledgeable... is this something that could be written in an extension if this is not part of the ruleset?

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    Nothing planned on this in the near future.

    Not exactly what you're asking, but you can drag/drop the result of a roll within chat, which shares the result with the players.

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