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    [LFG][PAID] Seeking Games Tuesday thru Friday - Committed Player!

    I'm looking for GMs who might make room at their table, either with a new or existing game, for someone looking to play in the hours of 7pm-11pm (12am if necessary) EST. This would apply to Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. Some of those days may be subject to change, but due to an unfortunate reshuffling among some of my DMs and what they're running, I find myself without evening games for most of the week. I'm physically disabled and definitely do not need empty time on my hands to dwell on symptoms, so I hope to find new homes quickly!

    Regarding the specifics of what I'd be looking for, I'm not very picky. I've been playing D&D for 25 years and would be happy with any edition as a backdrop, though I know 5th is both most popular and my quickest option. In terms of established settings, I tend to enjoy Faerun the most and am a lore nut, having started with Forgotten Realms back in the AD&D days. I'd also consider a Star Wars game, though, or homebrew games in the fantasy or sci-fi genres!

    In terms of special requests, I'd just ask for games which are generally safe for work in terms of content, and (in the case of 5th Ed) which start at 3rd level so as to allow one to fully flesh out one's character. Bonus points for long term games which plan to really last for a long time; I enjoy the chance to truly see characters grow together and watch as campaign and character plots progress.

    For those wondering a bit about me, I'm a 35 year old guy, very much casual and willing to get along with most anyone. I'm happy to join existing groups, as said, and I'll gladly fill needed roles you may have as that's something I enjoy (I don't so much enjoy playing classes which overlap with another player, i.e. two wizards). I'm physically disabled and homebound, so I do try to have two extended sessions each day; I find it's really helpful in distracting from my symptoms. I have the daytime sessions solidly taken care of, but the nights are obviously now in need of some help. My obvious VTT hobby aside, I also run a YouTube channel by the same name where I showcase games donated by developers which I feel are accessible and friendly for disabled/chronically ill gamers. I also stream VTT campaigns there when I'm welcomed to!

    Interested in inviting me to your game? I'd like to hear from you! I am not generally available until 1pm EST, maybe a little earlier some days, but then I'm around until midnight pretty much daily. You can PM me here or, for the fastest response, you can DM me via Discord at Legacy Ark Games#0725 (this might require you to first send a friends request). I hope to hear from you soon, and to get back to gaming in the evenings! Thanks!

    Summary Info

    Licenses: Unity Ultimate, Classic Demo
    Availability: Seeking games Tuesday through Friday, each in the 7pm-11pm (12am if necessary) time spot.
    Interests: Long term campaigns where the party can develop a good rapport, heavy role-playing (not that combat is an issue), flexible character creation with many options for race/class/subclass, preferable 3rd+ level start, Faerun is a favored setting but I'd consider others, Safe for Work Level Content
    Experience: 25+ years playing D&D, starting with AD&D at the public library and onward through many systems. I am also a paid GM and greatly enjoy weaving a tale, whether as a player or otherwise.
    Contact: PM or (preferably) DM via Discord to Legacy Ark Games#0725. You'll get a much faster reply that way, though you may have to send me a friend request first.
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    Bump. Mondays also now sought. Thanks, and feel free to DM or PM.

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