FG License: Unity
Time Zone: PST
Day(s) of week, frequency, and time: I am free Saturdays after 3PM and Sundays all day. I would love a weekly game, but would settle for less.
Term: Long Term preferred, but would also be down for a module or one shot.
Voice: Discord, Hangouts, et. all.

Game System Preferred: 5E
Game System Experience: I've been playing 5E for about 2 years (primarily as a DM), have some experience with 3E and also SW Edge of the Empire.
Fantasy Grounds Experience: Very familiar, been using it since March as DM so I've had to learn a lot.

Character Type Preferred: No strong preference, but am very interested to play a paladin, sorcerer, warlock, or druid.

About me: I'm 33 and most of my experience is as a DM. I love DND and my games as a player are very rare, so I'd love to play more often. I want to improve my knowledge of the game, its lore, and the mechanics. I would love to play in a game that's got a good mix of combat and role play. I'd say I'd rather the game lean towards technical and serious, than goofy. But that's primarily because the group I DM for is very jokey and it would be nice to have some variety. I love to have an immersive experience, but am fairly flexible as a player overall. I like supporting my fellow players, whether that means their backstories or just making sure to do my job during an encounters. I have the most fun when I can feel like I'm part of a team and we are working together.