Type: Dungeon Crawl/Rogue-like/West Marches
System: 3F System (Homebrew 5e)

Have you ever wanted to play a Gunslinger Vampire riding a Raptor? Or a Treat that uses his own blood to cast spells? Elementalis Monk? Barbarian Shapeshifter? Or maybe just summon army of undead?

This and much more is now possible with Free-Form Fantasy System! (3F System)
Build your own PC by combining over 300 abilities into your perfect build! We have a Quick Start Guide to help you jump into the system and server easily.

The Depths Description
Depths is a Dungeon Crawl/Rogue-like community where we use 3F System. However, do not expect some random games and adventures. Depth consist of multiple levels, unlocked server wide by players. Each level has a different theme to keep the games fresh. During a game you will be able to choose what “rooms” you want to visit, such as easy/hard fights or challenge. You can also encounter random events. Finishing a room grants whole party a buff. However, you can skip all the rooms and go for the grand prize immediately!

It is the final “room”, in which party will have to work together. It is not a simple “bash the bad guy”. You will have to employ tactics and coordinate well to defeat Guardian.

Unlocking Depth Levels
The Depths are not static. As players level up, they need harder challenges. That’s why The Depths is divided into floors. Once players are ready for the next challenge, they can form a party and challenge a Depth Guardian. This is extremely difficult challenge, but once completed a new level is unlocked for whole server and party that succeeds gains immeasurable treasure.

Player Economy plays a big part on the server. It is carefully crafted so that you always have something you want to spend money on. Using 3F System you can learn interesting skills like armorsmithing, gunsmithing, alchemy, thieving, magic infusion, forging and much more. In the Depths you also gain your own loot. Both combined, allow players to create living economy. You will not become the strongest without using other people services and buying their crafted or looted magic items. Maybe you will provide a very unorthodox service that will bring you wealth?

Unfortunately, if you are looking for RP this might not be a server for you. RP is mostly non-existent. However, it does not stop us from having a lot of fun! Players usually stick to being themselves and have fun this way during the game. Since this is a Dungeon Crawl, you can expect a lot of combat and non-combat challenges. Certain level of metagaming is allowed and even encouraged. Good knowledge of The Depths can really pay off.

We have a lot of DMs and manage to get around 4-8 games a week. You will definitely get into games!

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