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    Pre Creating Characters

    Hi I am about to start Dming my first campaign in FG in 5E. What Im not clear about is am I able to create characters for my players to use or do they need to create them themselves?

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    Either is possible. If you want to pre-create them, you can do so in your campaign and they will be available for the players to choose when they log in. Otherwise, they can either create them in a local campaign on their own machines and import them, or connect to your campaign and do it there.

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    MOD: moved to Tavern since this is not a issue or bug, but general use of FG.

    Yes you can create characters for the players to use (pre-gens). Just load the player resources you want to use to create the characters (Library > Modules) then create the characters. When your players join, they will be presented with the Character Selection window. They can then select their character.

    Be aware, that once they select or open a character, it will then become owned by that player and no other player will be able to select that character. You as DM will need to Clear Ownership of the undesired characters so a new player can select a previously selected character.

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