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    So 6p.m EST on Thursday the 31st ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sir Bluto of Faber View Post
    So 6p.m EST on Thursday the 31st ?
    Yes, that is my intention. But I sometimes get confused too and show up an hour late.

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    Discord link good for 24 hours

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    Thanks I didn't know till I looked it up that GMT was UTC by another name. Then there was some algebra but I ain't no good at it no how and that further confused me. Thanks for clearing it up.

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    No problem.
    I will not be late this time. I literally have nothing else to do at that time, and I am looking forward to running the game.

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    I would be interested if you have the room

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mikenelson28 View Post
    I would be interested if you have the room
    Sure. You will be player #5. There is always a chance someone will not show, leaving four. And if everyone shows, five is fine too.
    Do you see the discord link I posted a few messages back?
    Please post a message in Discord stating your name and what you want to play.
    Check the pinned messages for a list of characters.

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