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Thread: Channel Heal

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    Channel Heal

    Our group is still new to FGU. One player has asked if it is possible to add his Mystic's channel heal class ability so that he can target all allies in range, roll once and have the combat tracker add HP automatically.

    Has anyone done this? If yes, any tips would be greatly appreciated. We are struggling to add this effect manually.

    Thank you!

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    Hey there,

    first you need to create your ability like this: Healing Channel 1.png, in your Actions tab. Then you can target all your allies and yourself in the combat tracker, which I have done in the picture already. After that you can click the icon next to the Healing Channel (Su) ability in order from left to right wihch shoud give you a result that looks something like this: Healing Channel 2.png. As you can see, my character used a resolve point and healed everyone he targeted.

    I hope this helps you, if you have any more questions pleas ask

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    Thank you for the screen shots. I think the problem I was having was creating the entry in the Actions tab. I will try again tonight. Your sceenshots show exactly what we were trying to accomplish.

    Will ask for your kind assistance if I get stuck again.

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    Quick update.

    Followed your instructions and now it is working. The issue that I think I had was locating the Connection Healer window that then allowed me to drop in the Healing Channel Special feature into the Actions section. Your first screen grab was the key. Then I made sure to adjust the feature in the action tab so that it will use 1 RP upon use (when healing allies).

    Again, thank you for taking the time to explain something so basic. Much appreciated.

    As a completely new user (in his 40's no less) I sometimes find FGU overwhelming. I search YouTube often and reference the wiki, but knowing that I can ask questions of experienced users here is a huge bonus.

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    Always happy to help

    Quick side note, you can also just create new items in the actions tab. You can do that by right clicking and then find the create new item button or you can open the edit menu by clicking the little pen at the bottom right and then press the little plus wherever you need to. But personally I do drag and drop all the items into the actions tab as well so they also have the descriptions in them.

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