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    OK, I saw RoCo just got released in the store. From freshman year in high school through my late 20's, I played exclusively RM until D&D 3e was released. I was one of Mark Colborn's playtesters back in the day when he was in seminary. I eventually swore the system off just because all of its intended "corrections" to D&D were being implemented into the D&D 3rd edition (not entirely but mostly, especially when it came to character creation) and frankly D&D was an easier system, especially for introducing new players. I jumped ship from TSR to ICE and then to Hasbro over a couple of decades... Fast forward about 25 years now... I'm feeling nostalgic...

    Nowadays I run several different rulesets through FG. And FG makes everything simpler... So using FG for RM makes it even more appealing (again)...

    How stable in this ruleset? Mind, I'm not asking if RM is a good system (believe me, I know its strengths and weaknesses) or if the FG ruleset has all the automated bells and whistles like D&D and Pathfinder (if it doesn't, I am more than comfortable with adjudicating mechanics). I am asking from the people who are currently playing with it, is is stable? Do I expect error windows popping up? Does the math work right in its results (even if I have to translate the result into a result)? Can I present an image and not hope the table locks up? Perusing the forums, I see some of the common issues with all the rulesets (ye olde "put the monster in the Encounter and then into the Tracker and then onto the Map" trick)... Tell me what is specifically annoying or weird about this ruleset... Be honest... I'm a (repentant) fan... I can take it...

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    This ruleset is pretty stable. Any issues I have encountered have quickly resolved.

    Dakadin (the ruleset developer) has done a lot of things this year (starting with the layering over CoreRPG). I know he has plans to work out some more things with the ruleset.

    I know updating the spell lists is coming, and some more effects, what is there is pretty good though. Critical effects (stun, stun unable to parry, must parry, negative modifiers, bleeding, possibly more) are automated now. Just drag/drop the critical result to the target.

    If you are curious about the new v2 version of the ruleset, I would highly recommend checking out the videos from Wolfshield games. The videos cover quite a bit of the ruleset in pretty good detail (they do assume some foreknowledge of both Rolemaster and the FG interface)

    Does the Rolemaster ruleset automate everything to the level of say 5e? Unfortunately I cannot answer that as I only use FG for Rolemaster.

    For me personally, I find that it helps me out quite a bit.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sulimo View Post
    For me personally, I find that it helps me out quite a bit.
    Ah, videos are good... Thank you... I'll start poking into them tomorrow... Much obliged for the link and your insight...

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