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    Do i, as a GM, need to load all player modules, cause i cannot see all items


    i'm DMing Starfinder, and a member of my crew asked me if it can use special ammo like "Diatha Ammunition". But i cannot see that ammunition as a GM. From what i know it is from alien archive 3 - the player loads the "Player" edition of that module, but if i load the GM module it does not show those items.

    Is this a bug, or do i, as a GM, have to load all player modules too?

    Thanks again for your answers!

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    In short: Yes you do need to load the Player Versions as a GM.

    See here and following for a short explanation.

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    Ahh! Because the CRB and Armory do not have a "Player version" i can see those items, but all other items the player can use are in the players manuals. Okay, gotcha. Thanks a lot Evolivolution!

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