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    Pathfinder 2: Christmas Day Slithering


    Sorry, not enough interest/players. My bad for posting too last minute.

    So...for once I'm off on Christmas, but thanks to COVID...yeah let's not go there, but...I'mma gonna try to get people together Christmas Day for the Slythering!

    Character Creation: 2 PM Central Standard Time (US)
    Game Start time: After a short break once characters are rolled
    Game End time: Whenever. Maybe we'll finish, maybe we'll die, maybe we'll get bored and wander off, who knows?

    # of player: 2 to 6

    Platform: Fantasy Grounds Unity, Discord (chat/voice chat)
    Modules: PF2 Core, Lost Omens Character Guide, Lost Omens World Guide, Advanced Player's Guide

    Character Creation Notes:
    - Don't play a human, for Reasons.
    - Everyone starts at Fifth Level.

    House Rules: First time running PF2 and this is going to be played fast and loose. Get crazy, get stupid, but no rule lawyering 'cause we're here to have fun and I'm not going to take this super serious (unlike a regular campaign).[/s]
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    I am quarantined and looking to play all day Christmas! Do you have pre-gen characters? I can prep today.

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    I can get a few pregens set up tonight, pull together a few lvl 5 starter packages for quick equipment

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    Anybody else interested? I know it's short notice...

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