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    I would be interested in joining. The time on Sunday works perfectly. My discord is reeman7#1963, message me if you allow me in. I am planning on making a human so that should fit well with the campaign. I have still much to learn about D&D so I may need a little guidance, but I am certain everything can workout.

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    I'm interesting in joining if the slot is still open. Been playing 5e for awhile and have been looking for another group to join into. Discord is PatataCrusher#1203.

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    if you still need a player i would be interested. eastern time zone. send me a reply.

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    Hi Nia, couldn't reply on discord for some reason... Is this full?
    I would love to join. Im big into RPing and would like to find an adult group. Not a rules lawyer, not a murderhobo, not a powergamer and not an attention seeker :slight_smile: its all about having fun with other people. Feel free to DM me if youre like to chat - elee#8604

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    Need 2 more players.
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