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    [LFG] Europe // 5e // FGU // evenings / bi-weekly

    Hi. I'm living in germany but would love to get into online RPGs more.
    Therefore I'm looking for an english speaking group or would love to start up one.
    so you have a group or your a single person and would like to join in... you're welcome.

    about me
    I'm 43, m, and not a power gamer nor a encounter hopper. I like good chunks of story, plot and role playing.
    but I'm a bit unsure how this works online. So bear with me to get used to this new situation.

    UTC+1. I'm talking central europe.
    Thursdays/fridays/saturdays are good right now. And I'm talking evening like 19:00-22:00 or 18-21.
    I think bi-weekly is fine. but that depends on how much we have to work.

    preferred game system
    I like 5e fantasy, but would go with something else. I like to GM, but right now it's better to get into
    FGU as a player first.

    FG License
    I own FGC and FGU - standard version. But I would like to play with Unity.
    I know a bit of FGU- aka the basics. how to create a char. how to level up. etc.
    but I'm rather new. so you might need to help me here or there.

    I'm not for texted based gaming. voice is a must. video is ok. Discord or something else is fine by me.

    Did I forget something?
    Cheers and stay save and healthy.
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    we're 2 now.
    UTC +1 (Europe) / 5e / LFG

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    Sounds good. How old are you? Are you more into playing or gm'ing? let's set a date for a chat go get to know each other?
    UTC +1 (Europe) / 5e / LFG

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    I am 43, you?

    I have done quite dome dm so would prefere to play.


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    yeah discord. got my PN?
    UTC +1 (Europe) / 5e / LFG

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    Mar 2020
    West Lancashire, UK
    This is something I could be interested in, but unfortunately I won't be free until the middle of the year when I retire at the age of 66. I would have to sort out what times I could play nearer the time. In the mean time, I'll try to learn the ropes of using FGU in my spare time.

    I have played AD&D many years ago as a player and DM'd a homebrew dungeon in the world of Keldorn our regular DM's world at the time (1978-1984). I have also recently been trying to introduce my grandchildren to D&D via Lost Mines of Phandelver when they visit. Unfortunately lockdowns have put a damper on that after only a couple of sessions. Their attention span only runs to around 45 minutes max.

    I'll watch the thread and if you are still looking in the summer I'll maybe throw my name in the hat? PS. I'm male and will be aged 66 by then)

    PS. I have FGU Standard Licence, and have bought LOMP, and Tactical Maps: Adventure Atlas for now, Tactical Maps: Reincarnated will be bought later on along with PHB, amd mabe the DMG. depending when sales are on and funds allowing. I would hope to have the Ultimate licence at some point too, again in the sales.
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    Hey guys, still looking? I am moving to Berlin in 10 days and I am keen to have another game. The ad looks good to me. I have FGU ultimate and I can DM or play. I'm 33 and male. Somewhat experienced (both D&D5e and FGU).

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    This sounds interesting. Are you still looking?
    I've been playing DnD 2.0 and 3,5. Them starting DM'ing 3,5, 4e and 53. Now reallu wnat to play again. Miss it
    I'm 59, live in Amsterdam and own FGU standard
    Hope to hear from you

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