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    (EU) Weekend One-Shot: A Most Potent Brew (Newbie DM)

    Hey all,

    I'm new to FGU but I've messing about on my own and watching tutorials trying to learn the ropes. I've done some DMing with family and friends before, but I'm pretty inexperienced overall. I thought I'd take a risk dive into DMing on here by running a short one-shot adventure. I've had difficulty finding games as a player, as there seem to be very few games running in a European friendly time zone. So, it would be nice to meet a few people who play on here in a compatible time zone (though anyone from anywhere is welcome to join). Happy to meet other people that are new to FGU as well, no worries if people need time figuring out the software as we play.

    I'll be running 'A Most Potent Brew' by Winghorn Press. With everyone starting at level 1. Happy to make pregens for people.

    FG License: FGU Ultimate
    Game System: 5e dnd
    Day of week: Saturday 2nd or Sunday 3rd (depending on whether there's interest and when people can make it)
    Time: 18:00 UTC 0+
    Length: Short one Shot. Should be about two hours I reckon.
    Language: English
    Audio: Discord
    Game-type: Dungeon Crawl

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    any room in your one shot ? I am very new too just played my first FGU game two days ago. If my brain decided to work today 18:00 utc is eleven o'clock est right ?

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    Yes there is room. I'm running if people do in fact show up. Uhm, I think its the other way around though. I think the game would start 1PM your time.

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    thank you I will be around today at one if it's still on. Even if it was just me and you and you wanted to go through the motions for a test run to practice DMing I could use all the practice with FGU I can get .

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    Check your PMs. I'll give you the details.

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    my character is done , see you at 18:00 utc 0+

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    I'm a total newbie looking to play for the second time ever. I'm on the East Coast EST so the time works for me on the weekends. I'm an artsy person so visuals are very much appreciated.

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    we already played the one shot earlier today

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    Yeah, we already finished up. But I'll run another in the coming weeks.

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