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    Preferred theme?

    When GMing RPGs, I picture "fantasy" through one or two various lenses. Fantasy could mean "grim dark" or "old-school". Or it could mean "high fantasy", "high magic" or sometimes even "slap stick".

    From a player's point of view, what is your preferred theme? Which theme do you like to spend your time in, in general? Bonus points for naming the game system you use for this theme. Don't be afraid to repeat answers! The more common your answer, the better. Wondering if there is a common element in player preference, though I'm aware this is probably the least scientific way to gather this highly subjective information lol. For example, do people like to use Pathfinder for " dungeon crawls", and 5th edition for "hex-crawls"?

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    That's a pretty good thought experiment...

    Magic/Action/Discovery with the 5E ruleset.

    Dark/Story Driven/Survival with VTM 5

    Thriller/Problem Solving/Action with CyberPunk

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    General RPG (a dash of exploring/story/some combat) ....5e. I think its a fantastic "general" fantasy ruleset.

    Gritty combat heavy .. pathfinder. More complicated to learn than 5e but the combat blows 5e away just a lot more fun/interesting for combat heavy play.

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