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    Bard Spellbook (Esoteric Polymath feat)


    I've seen all the instructions on how to use the Standard/Prepared/Combat button to distinguish between known and prepared spells. Bards do not usually get to prepare spells, but Polymath muse Bards (or those who have taken Multifarious Muse: Polymath) can access the feat Esoteric Polymath which gives them a limited use of a spellbook.

    When I switch the spell tracker to "preperation" mode, I don't get any checkboxes to select spells as prepared or not. Does FG not support this option for Bards?

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    The Bard spell class is created as a spontaneous caster. Hence why preparation mode won't do much for you. Click on the star icon in the spell header to the left "Bard" to change it to a preparation spell class. However, I'm not sure if this is the right way to go as this would mess with the standard spontaneous spell casting tracking.

    You probably want to create a new prepared spell class (call it something like "Esoteric Polymath") and add in which spells are in the spellbook. Then when you "prepare" the spell from this book, if it's different to what you had prepared before you can copy it to your Bard spell class (the Spell Repertoire) by click-dragging the spell link from the "Esoteric Polymath" prepared spell class to the Bard spell class, and delete the spell you had previous prepared from the Bard spell class (unless it's already in the repertoire). This way you'll keep any editing you do in spell in the prepared spell class (effects, actions, etc.) and will track spell usage properly. All you're using the extra "Esoteric Polymath" prepared spell class for is showing which spells are in the spellbook and having them setup correctly for your character; allowing you to just drag the spell, with its config)into the Bard spell class as needed.

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