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Thread: AT 4 robes

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    AT 4 robes

    I want to equip a sorceror with AT 4 robes. (rather than him running about in AT 1 )

    There does not seem to be anything with AT 2,3 or4 in items.

    I tried opening an item of clothing ( a cloak) and making it AT 4 and equiping that but it did not show up in the AT box on combat chart.
    Any ideas?

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    You need to change the type to armor not clothing. Else you cannot select it.

    Also AT 3 and 4 are actually quiet good compared to at 5 and 6 and really is for animals. You might be over protecting your spell caster. If you want to do anything my recommendation is give him Magic Robe AT2 +10, which increases his DB by 10 which is like giving him AT 5 or 6. Or increase it to 20 if you feel that is not enough.

    I suggest always playing in the game rule else you may have issues later.

    PS Robes are AT 2 btw not 1
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    OK thanks for that. Looking at it in the arms law charts, AT 2 is actually fairly poor compared to AT 1 - crits seem to occur at lower rolls.
    If AT 3 and 4 is meant to be natural AT for animals then unless he can get a +10 or +20 Robe as you say then actually AT 1 is better. I assume the idea is you can dodge easier in lighter clothing.
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    Yup, you got it.
    Same for AT11 + AT12. Unless you have Wizard Schools that pride themselves with “school colours” that force pupils to wear Robes(AT2), allow casters AT1(Skins/plain clothes) to be fine.

    As a fan of Dex-monkey builds, I always note to players that Qu is a key stat in the game, no matter the Profession.
    i make converts wherever I go, heehee.

    Happy gaming.

    PS: Beware handing out more than +10 plus Magic DB items as it is an arms race that will only have you power creeping your own game from not being able to hit your PCs.

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    To give an idea of power level for having AT4, just temporarily:

    DRUIDS can cast Plantskin, and AT4 only lasts 1 round/level...and it is a 6th level spell.

    Lookup other spells that give boni to DB in the ranges you are thinking and check out their levels for casting - they’re never permanent either. All good if you’re looking to play a power game.
    Beware if not, though.

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    It has been a few years since we played RM and I misremembered. I had in my head that AT 4 was thick robes etc.
    I see now that that is tough natural armour/hide.

    The mage is currently in AT 1 and I am not planning any magic items for some while.

    I dont mind a decent ammount of magic items - all part of the fun after all of a fantasy game - but spread out over the levels.

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    Yup, we all come from different power levels ourselves and so to each, our own.
    Happy Gaming and enjoy!

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