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    Druid/Spiritualist MC

    Not sure if I can post non-FG specific stuff in here, but this is the only forum Iím a part of so hopefully itís okay.

    Iím running a Kingmaker campaign with 5 PCís. One of the players is interested in multi-classing and having a character with two strong pets (animal companion + spirit). He has cool story ideas for why his character would have this ghost under his command. Also, since thereís 5 characters in the group and a cleric as a full caster, I think itís cool. Also, even if mechanically boon companion isnít technically supposed to be used on a spirit, I donít care and am willing to let him invest 2 feats in getting his pets up to snuff.

    Anyone got any advice and or tips that I might be able to pass along to him? I feel like I got a basic handle on it but extra knowledge is always welcome.

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    please note that Spiritualist pets are JEALOUS and self involved. if you want to hand wave that as GM, thats fine. also having 2 pets will be weaker than just having 1 pet without multiclass. even with boon companion. after level 8 they will fall behind in power. the character wont be able to support them the way that a normal full class would.

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    “Jealous” huh? That could be interesting to play out in a non-game breaking way imo. And yeah, he is aware of the lack in power. This is something that would be done more for flavor/story and fun. And since there are 5 PC’s, I don’t think it matters a lot.

    Also, only one of the pets would lag behind as eventually he would focus on Druid and boon companion would bring the pet up to overall character level. Though he’s still deciding on the plan and could end up just taking a dip in Spiritualist instead of going 4/4 and then all Druid after level 8.

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