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    STAR WARS FFG Version - Looking for Players


    Hi I am looking for players for a SWRPG campaign. Time and day is pretty flexible but later on PST evenings is best. I have Ultimate License so can take people without full license, and I will be using the community ruleset for FFG SWRPG which is awesome imo.

    I will be making all Characters with the players so please don't bring a complete character to the table, but concept ideas are fine. I don't allow people to play shorties (Ewoks, Jawas) nor droids as they tend to become joke characters. I don't run Star Wars like Guardians of the Galaxy so the main characters being extremely slapstick doesn't work for me.

    I have a kind of particular view of the setting based on the fact that I am a child of the 70s so I tend to like the original trilogy and stuff made in its tone (Rogue One, Solo, Mandalorian). Is 5 BBY timeframe.

    there is a lot of communication and some Play by Post/Play by Chat that goes on. IT IS REQUIRED THAT YOU ARE INVOLVED AND FREQUENTLY COMMUNICATIVE. If you are ok with the others doing PbP and your character being off doing downtime stuff then great. But I have been having people get butthurt that others are playing a lot and they aren't/can't that is not what I am looking for. Also if you can't keep up with the commo it's not going to work.

    I need players to do is recognize their lane: Intention and attempt to do things, thoughts and feelings of the character. The system allows for narrative suggestion if you roll Advantage or Triumph or use a Destiny point, but am not really sharing Narrative Control.

    Star Wars Edge of the Empire. Character needs to be created from Core Rulebook, starting equipment from Core Rulebook. No Premade Characters, character has to be made w/GM

    Oggdude's or wiki equipment is a no go. Starting equipment will be from Core Rulebook alone and has to be approved. Equipment is meticulously tracked and not hand-wavey. This means that a certain amount of looting is going to be a part of the game, but I ask the players to always be aware of Characterization (what you do tells us who your character is. If you act like a rapacious jerk, that is what your character is no matter what else you say).

    The style of this game is like half traditional TTRPG, half Story/Character driven. I do gamey things like roll for loot and keep track of equipment, but I want the character to be a character, not an avatar of the player: a puppet that is basically the Player's toy for wish fulfillment alone.

    I have no room for sociopath characters who cannot carry the protagonist role. The PCs are not a higher lifeform than the other NPCs as far as consideration of social consequences. I use a construct of "The Audience" to be an external objective consideration of how the character is coming off in the game, rather than having people kind of caught up in player tunnel-vision where they play their character in a sort of egocentric vacuum. This is a variation no don't be a ****, but with a more story-oriented bent.

    Not into power gamers or munchkins. I have a player or two who is but they keep it from being an issue. I feel that is good enough. I get that progression and loot is great, but if it is why you play and only why you play then probably won't be a good fit. Characters at start can only improve a Characteristic 1 above Species Normal. So for humans 3 is max until dedications.

    If I say No I mean it and don't want to rehash it again unless I bring it back up. I really can't handle people whining or outright demanding stuff. If I have said "You need to get your gear from X, or we are doing X" and I feel the player is ignoring GM directives of this nature, it may result in removal from the game.

    I have a particular view of the setting which is pretty orthodox. Mandalorian, Rogue One, Solo the original trilogy.

    BANNED SPECIES LIST– Cannot be used as a Player Character: Barabel, Ewoks, Giant Stature Species (Dowutin, Herglic, Yuzzem), Jawas, Space Vampires, Trandoshan, Zeltron. There are more, but mainly it’s any race that is distractingly silly or so big and crazy that it is hard to accommodate them in story. Also races that are given some innate ability that is broken. NO SHORTY SPECIES.
    CLONE WARS – Unlike in the media, the Clone Wars was largely fought by biological beings on both sides and Palpatine did not engineer it so much as shrewdly manipulate existing pressures and movements. The Clones and the Droid Army were relatively low in number compared to the larger battle forces of each side.
    DROIDS – Droids are essentially slaves. They serve all the same story purposes as slave workers. Droids lack agency and therefore are not allowed. There is one droid in the game but that character will be the last PC droid in my games. It is too difficult to manage the constraints.

    MULTICULTURALISM – A certain level of universal tolerance has been achieved by 20,000 years of so many species existing in close proximity. This does not mean that beings do not favor other beings who look and are of a similar physiology to their own race. Furthermore, some species are obviously from Predator stock where others are from Prey animal descendance. This makes for tension as one species is obviously an acceptable food source to the other.
    The Empire has taken advantage of the inherent distance between races as well as a galactic population advantage for humanity to promote its Human Supremacy agenda.
    In cities across the galaxy aliens and humans tend to divide a bit, and in alien quarters individual species will often have an enclave of their species.

    SUBSPACE COMMUNICATIONS – (Hyper-Space Commo) Generally only works for the Empire or for planetary governments who can afford to buy the equipment and license it. It takes gigantic equipment both terrestrial and in space to generate and direct a hyperwave signal. Messages must come by physical transport, for the most part, so a datachip, a holo disc or a droid acting as a courier is required. Communicating with others therefore takes travel and planning. Messages can be delivered to mail terminals which a being can utilize with the right key code.
    TECHNOLOGY – The tech in Star Wars is supposed to be a combination of Analog, Digital, and Electro-Mechanical Super Technology. The technology is supposed to work without explanation for the most part. The exception is when characters need to discuss why something isn’t working and why the story needs it to be fixed. Tech is not worshipped in Star Wars, and the characters should typically be complacent about equipment doing what it is supposed to do.
    Characters cannot email an old man in the desert to tell him you found a droid who says it belongs to him. You cannot look up freighter tickets to Alderaan on an internet, Cause there is no internet. Slicers are NOT hackers.

    THE FORCE – The main factor that dictates that Star Wars is not science fiction is the Fact that the Force exists and is essentially a magical spiritual layer of existence that is connected to the galaxy. Star Wars is not a materialist setting, it is a spiritually driven setting with two poles of good and evil that the enlightened characters are forced to recognize.
    • Under Imperial law the religion of the Force is illegal. It has been classified as an organization that fosters civil unrest.
    • No Midichloriens. Don’t bring them up if possible.
    • The idea of Grey Force users is not a thing that bears out under any kind of deep examination and is generally associated with wild elemental creatures and mad hermits.
    • Nobody knows how the Force works. It cannot be explained and anyone attempting to do so is lying about their knowledge. Do not try to use Newtonian explanations, or scientific explanations for the Force, it’s basically magic.
    • No Force Teleportation, or Super Speed, or other silly manifestations of Force Powers.
    • The Force is a rare ability. Generally characters can’t have it but if you do you have to buy it at Character Generation. A Force Sensitive character will have a larger story responsibility and as such will require Role-Play and dialogue.

    JEDI – In the time of the Galactic Civil War (time period of the original saga) the Jedi are believed to be extinct. Anyone who is over 5 years old at the time of the formation of the Empire has heard of the Jedi. Some stances the public takes on the Jedi:
    • The Jedi had become hopelessly corrupt and power-seeking by the end of their time.
    • The Jedi were destroyed from within.
    • The Emperor exposed the Jedi plot and as such was attacked by them.
    • The Jedi wanted to invoke puritanical laws on the galaxy.
    By Imperial Law it is illegal to talk about the Jedi, except to report someone else of talking about or acting like a Jedi. Lightsabers are illegal contraband that have been traded on the black market for exorbitant sums by collectors.

    Force Sensitive Characters have been a failure thus far as every player who has opted for it has done it purely for game-mechanic reasons. Force layer characters have a greater responsibility to story and characterization than non-force Sensitive characters.

    No Moral Relativists.

    So PM me or post here if interested. Thanks

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    K well I guess I am full for now. Thanks and feel free to post in case I need more later down the road.

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    Im interested if a spot ever opens up. Love the FFG systems.

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    Hello I've never played a starwars ttrpg but im interested in trying if you eventually have room, im a huge fan of starwars so im interested in seeing what you do to the galaxy lol

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    Have played some FFG Star Wars on tabletop and would be interested in joining the campaign

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    I watched and checked out the system. Been a fan of Star Wars since its beginning. Would live to play if an opening occurs. Very familiar with FG & FGU. Have ultimate license for both.
    Ultimate License

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    Are you still in need of any players?

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    I am wondering the same thing as Rydeenee, if only because of curiosity. Sent a PM.

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    Hey all. First off, I am sorry I didn't see these notifications. In the future I will check this board.

    I am full currently, but I want to see if anyone may be up for a possible second game. Also I need to say I am running FG Classic, not FG Unity. I am noticing that people are signing up but then not making sessions. I will kick if anyone misses two sessions unless you are like a super charming and valuable player lol, so make sure you can make it. Also there is a lot of chatter during the week that is important to get, so if you just want to clock in at session start and bug off at session end then it's not gonna be a good fit.

    Concepts have to go through me and we will build the character together as I need oversight on things. Mainly I do this to make sure there are story reasons for choices and not just mechanic-driven choices. If any of this is stuff you would find annoying, then probably isn't a good fit.

    Also would be helpful if I knew times of availability. Fridays and Wednesdays are currently no good for me.

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    I've never played that system, would love to learn it

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