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    Things that need a long rest to recover in 5E

    I am trying to make a quality use of the simple but nice LRR extension. It is a reminder that pops up when you execute a long rest.
    You don't need it for the things that are already automated (hp recovery, etc.)

    Right now I use it to remind me to have the Diviner Wizard roll his portents, make new saves if someone is cursed, ensure max hp are correct after a fight with vampire/wights/chasme, etc., roll for things with charges like wands). I also have one for mummy's curse to reduce the hp by 3d6. (of course, surely the cleric or paladin has done something to fix it before too late)

    I am sure there should be more, but I am not coming up with others. I was hoping the community would have some brilliance to share.

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    Is the reduction of the exhaustion level on the combat tracker automatic? I do not think so.

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    Good catch. I don't think it is automated. At the very least, I can add that as something to check.


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