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    So is there anything I can do or is FGU a no go for me with my computer?

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    As I said, the devs will have to weigh in, but I do not think they have a version compiled for ARM64 ISA at this time.

    The Unity platform should allow them to compile for Windows on ARM64, it really will depend on if they have resources to do so (I am not a developer, so I could be way off here).

    If you have a standard Windows computer (with either an Intel or AMD CPU) it should work fine.
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    Well I appreciate everyone’s help on this!

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    Can you log a ticket at https://support.fantasygrounds.com and let them know you are running ARM64 on a Surface Pro X
    Ask them if/when they will have an ARM64 build
    Please can you share the result here.

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    Also be aware, if they are not going to be able to support your architecture, make sure to take SmiteWorks up on the refund policy. No need to pay for something you can't use

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