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    Larger scroll bars

    Hi all,

    I don't know if this request has been made before and/or if it is planned. As new technology moved forward, my wife is now using a touch screen tablet (Microsoft Surface) to play the game. Some of the action buttons are tiny (eg: 5E attack rolls or Initiative) and the best way she found using those is to just drag them in to the chat window rather than try to press them twice. Another option is to put them in to the short-cut bar.

    But the scroll-bars are a nightmare. If the actions tab is full it is almost impossible to quickly select a weapon or change to a spell or feat ability, especially at 10th level on a touch screen.

    Is there a way that touch-screen users can be given a screen layout that is more friendly?

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    It is something that they would like to do but its a huge change and other things are well ahead of this on their internal priorities.

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