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    Looking for 4-5 players for Descent into Avernus - Fridays 4-8 (or 5-9) PM EST

    Hello all!

    I've recently joined a group for what has now been determined to be a Friday game, and I've been appointed to be its DM.

    To this end, I am launching this LFG in an attempt to gather more players for the time frame of 5-9 PM EST (the time has now been finalized) on Friday. It is my intention to try to start this campaign as soon as tomorrow (with a session 0 for those able and interested in joining). Presently, I have a Paladin an Aberrant Mind Sorcerer, a War priest Cleric, and a Fiend Pact Warlock.

    As the DM, I have the Ultimate Edition of Fantasy Grounds Unity as well as Classic. I will be using the Fantasy Grounds CLASSIC edition. Either way, you would only need the demo version.

    Edit: I forgot to mention this, but starting level will be at Level 1, and for chat/voice Discord will be used.

    Ruleset: 5E

    Restrictions: Forgotten Realms only (no Magic the Gathering, Eberron, or any other race that is outside of the Forgotten Realms). No Homebrew classes/races. Aside from that, you can multi-class.

    I've a massive array of choices when it comes to building your character, as I am using Deep Magic, Martial Training Manual (weapons and even shields have tactical options - there are also feats that work off of your fighting styles that are granted automatically), as well as additional feats. Many, many subclass and spell selection options as well!

    Some additional rules that I will go ahead and share upfront (for those interested in applying, please review the rules outlined below):

    1) If you are new to Fantasy Grounds, let me know - I generally prefer to try to get newly joining players set up before game day, and if you need pointers on either 5E rule sets and/or Fantasy Grounds usage, I am more than happy to help. I should generally be able to boot the server up for you to make a character so long as we can agree on a mutual time / date. It should go without saying, but be respectful to others at the table, and try to keep politics, religion (real world), and other controversial subject matter outside of the table.

    2) I allow multi-classing in my campaign so long as you meet the prerequisites per the Player's Handbook (13 in a given stat).

    3) I will use Tasha's Cauldron of Everything, BUT (and it is a big one), I will not allow the switching of subclasses once you pick it. Artificers are also not a thing in a campaign like Forgotten Realms, Greyhawk, and other similarly less-advanced settings. The reason for this is because I feel that the choices you make as a player should have both meaning, and consequence. As for the Artificer matter, I feel that they're more suited to a relatively more high-tech setting like Ravnica and Eberron.

    4) I am using other supplements as well! 1) Of Warlocks and Patrons for additional patron choices, invocations, etc. 2) Kobold Press' Deep Magic for 5E because I have felt that the player's spell selection was always a bit lacking. 3) I am also running the Tome of Beasts 1 and 2 from Kobold Press, along with several other publications that are not strictly Wizards of the Coast (whom I am also using). I mention this in case one might think it a deal breaker for any who might be opposed to the use of third party supplements.

    will not be using the attainment of advantage on flanking attacks. No advantage on flanking attacks unless you are a rogue who has not used their sneak attack yet.

    5) You can multi-class on character creation, and can continue in each of those classes after creation.

    6) Character Creation shall use the following rules: Roll 4d6 7 times, drop the lowest roll out of the 4d6, and drop the lowest result of the 7 rolls.

    7) Alternatively, you can use Standard Array if you are not satisfied with your rolls (if you have a total net-negative for your stat modifiers, you may re-roll once, and if not satisfied still, can use Standard Array: 15, 14, 13, 12, 10, 8)

    8) Prohibited Materials (they won't be available for you to load): Unearthed Arcana, Guildmaster's Guide to Ravnica, and anything related to Eberron or another Plane of Existence - this is Forgotten Realms. (DM's addition in this post: I've also learned that some of the spells granted by the guilds can be pretty busted when used on a Warlock - fun stuff though!).

    9) I would like for the players to state their intentions behind making a roll. For instance, if you want to investigate something, try to persuade someone, or what have you, please declare your intentions BEFORE the roll is made. If a roll is made without declaring one's intentions behind the roll BEFOREHAND, the roll will be discarded. The reason behind this rule implementation is because I am finding that trying to adjudicate undeclared rolls is becoming disruptive.

    If you've read this far, thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from any who are interested in joining.
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    Interrested, in playing cleric or paladin sent DM.


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    I have sent out a reply. Looking forward to having more adventurers join us!

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    Interested and am also a new comer to fantasy ground. Sent a DM.

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    Interested. New to Fantasy Grounds. On discord. Experienced with 5e. Would like to play a bard or wizard. I have time to get things set up beforehand.

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    Information has been sent to those interested.

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    I just need about 2-3 more players, and I think we will be set!

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    Somewhat new player, would be happy to join if you still need a player, probably would pick a rogue.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AndyBandyt13th View Post
    Somewhat new player, would be happy to join if you still need a player, probably would pick a rogue.
    PM sent.

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    We have our sixth, and are effectively full. Recruitment will be closed from this point on.

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