Due to time issues, looking at it in slices ... still great to listen to.

Traveller was my second love once. I started off with A-DnD. Found Traveller at a gaming convention in Germany in the late 90ies. That was Megatraveller and we played it for a year or two. I hosted it for a couple of friends and working collegues and used my Amiga 2000 to draw maps and show them to my players bit by bit (Digipaint allowed to cover the graphics with a mask, much like FG does it today).
Great times. One of our friends died from cancer, others moved away, so that died over time.

My DnD friend and DM started a new group, playing DnD on FG a few years back now. As my friend wanted not only to be a gamemaster, but play himself as well, I came back to host Traveller again. That was shortly after MGT 1E started on FG.

Played eversince. Our group grew from 4 initially to 6 now and we play atm regularily every other month. I am running a homebrew btw.

Loved every minute.

Thank you Marc Miller, Matt Sprange and my dear Colin for making all of this possible. Thanks to all the great people at Smiteworks as well.
You are bringing joy to the lifes of people with your work, especially in trying times like they are atm.
Honest, heartfelt Thanks!