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    Necrophidius Bestiary 2

    Greetings. I am trying to write up the two abilities this creature has under the spells section.

    Can someone assist me with how the two abilities will fire?

    Necrophidic paralysis > any creature bit must save vrs fortitude or be paralyzed (dc 20)


    Dance of Death. Save vrs Will > various degrees of success > (DC 18).

    I am in the process of moving and for life of me i cant remember where to start.

    Thanks again!!

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    Look at the ability atuomation entry for any creature in the official Bestiary that forces a save for examples on how to do this. To find abilities which trigger a save, search your Bestiary PDF for xxx save - so, in this example, "fortitude save" will bring up some examples - the "Alghollthu Master" Mucus Cloud has examples of the fortitude save and then and effect to apply as needed. Make sure you have the campaign option "Show Ability Automation Field" set to "on" so you can see the automation strings.

    And refer to the automation in this sticky thread: Where there's a link to the documentation and also a spreadsheet with lots of examples.
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