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    Issue with Mini-Character sheet after last update PFRPG


    I just updated FGU to the latest patch, and since then, whenever I drag a spell/action into the action tab on a PFRPG charactersheet or npc sheet I get an error:

    Handler error: [string "campaign/scripts/spell_class.lua"]:64: attempt to index field 'subwindow' (a nil value)

    The spell/action is added correctly, but will not show up on the mini character sheet.

    This is also duplicated with no extensions loaded, and I dragged spells from the default 3.5 spells book that comes with FGU.

    I have not seen any other mention of it, so not sure if something was corrupted in my update or not. I did a force update with no changes.

    Is this a known issue as of last patch? Or does it look like something may have corrupted on my end?



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    I should note: That dragging a weapon to a characters inventory - which in turns adds it to the action tab shows up on the mini sheet correctly. So just seems to be items added to the "Spell class" section on the actions tab.

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    Correction: Ok, I fixed the issue with spells/actions not showing up on the mini sheet - for some reason they were not being prepared. Most likely user error

    Now: Anyone have a suggestion for what is causing the handler error? And if I can fix it. As it is not being caused by any extension installed. And I glanced at the ruleset code - appears line 64 is for the mini character sheet.

    I have dragged spells from the spell book that comes with pathfinder, so I was hoping anything that would need to have been changed would have been reflected there.

    Looks like I can still play with no issues, however when I am creating 30+ npcs - that error gets really annoying

    Thanks for any assistance.


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    After more testing, it appears I get the error when just right clicking on a spell level to add a new spell. Getting this constantly - everytime I either add a new spell manually or drag one from a pre-made mod.

    Makes it extremely difficult to create a campaign. So I am hoping this can be fixed. Still not sure if it is just me having the issue. Trying to check with some friends to see if they have same issue.

    EDIT: I installed a fresh copy on a different computer - and get same issues. So does not appear to be a file corruption issue.
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    I came to the forums today to report a similar issue.

    in my case I am making an NPC not a character sheet. I get the error any time I try to make a new custom spell, or drag/drop an existing SRD spell onto the NPC sheet in 3.5e. This is of course on version 4.0.8 of FGU.

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    Thank you for the report. We will see what might be causing the error.
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    Sorry, I should have mentioned ver 4.08 of FGU as well. It also happens to me with the npc. Thank you for looking into the issue.

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    Thanks for all the detail. This error has apparently been reporting quietly in the background for quite a while, but now you are seeing it because I elevated these types of errors to pop open the console window like they're supposed to.

    I've reorganized some of the child window initialization code to fix the issue for the next release.


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    Thank you so much Moon Wizard - My sanity thanks you as well, as it gets annoying after awhile.


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