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    Checking interest in Iron Heroes

    I'm just checking the pulse of the community to see how many people would be interested in running or playing in an Iron Heroes campaign. For those who don't know much about the campaign world you can find out more at:

    If you have any other questions then let me know. If I run anything, it won't be until mid December when I'm out of school for the holidays. But, I could start playing at any time.
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    Hmmm...interest seems to be low. Actually around zero.

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    What is your timezone? Are you planning on running the campaign on weekdays or weekends? During the day or evenings?

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    IH looks promising, though I haven't found anyone running it at a convenient time.


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    Agreed as to what is your time zone?
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    Yea! Responses!

    Ok, good questions all. I'm in the central time zone (GMT-6 (I think)). I'd prefer to run games on the weekends. Friday evenings can be ok, but just about any time on Saturdays and Sundays will work for me. I could even run games during the evenings on weekdays but they would probably have to be short because of work in the morning.

    Right now plan is to run a short premade adventure just to get people into running Iron Heroes and get a feel for how the game runs. Then we would move into a more open, unscripted campaign. Players would be allowed to make new characters at the end of the adventure in case they made something that they're really not into playing. So, no one is stuck with a character forever just make something that sounds interesting and see how it goes.

    My campaigns usually have mature themes so if you are offended by sex, drugs, prostitution, slavery, and other nastiness, then you probably don't want to be in my campaign. But, I think Iron Heroes is a great campaign world for this kind of setting. I also like to focus on roleplaying. Though Iron Heroes is great for its expansion of combat, I still prefer characters with depth, personality, and motivations. This is especially true when we go to the campaign world where I rely on my players to provide a lot of the ideas of the campaign. This is a world and a campaign setting that is created with the idea that the players could become kings and world leaders all on their own, so motivations are important.

    I'm trying to finish up this semester of school so I probably won't be ready to run anything until after Dec 5 (my last final). I also want to warn you that though I'm not new to roleplaying and DMing, I'm a total n00b when it comes to Fantasy Grounds. I haven't found many games to play in, so I haven't had much time to learn how everything works. So, I'd appreciate any help in that arena too.

    Let me know if you have anymore questions and feel free to PM me if you want.

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    I would like to try i even have the Ruleset for FG 1.05f but i never learned how to play Iron Heroes lol i guess you can count on me...
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    Great! Glad to hear it. I think when we have more folks, then we should all get together in IM and chat more about the game.

    In general, IH isn't much different than regular DnD except for two major diffeerences. First, magic is rare, unreliable, and dangerous. So, the magic systems work totally different. Also, the game is set up that there isn't any need for a magic user or a cleric type. Because there are no clerics, there is no healing during combat. There are no potions of healing or wands of cure light wounds. Whatever hits you take in combat you have to deal with on your own. Also, magic items are very rare. Even a dagger +1 would be considered an epic item.

    This lack of magic also has other impacts. For instance, in DnD you need piles and piles of gold to pay for all of these expensive magic items you're going to need against monsters. But, because you can't just run down to your magic shop and buy a vorpal greatsword of firey burst (or even a dagger +1) then a masterwork weapon or armor might be the most expensive thing you own and you might carry that with you for many many levels. So, the treasures tend to be downplayed. You don't need to find a solid gold statue to fund your adventures, a simple silver chalice will do.

    Another big difference is that there are no other races besides humans. You can take background traits that will help customize your character and can even mimic some of the ability score adjustments of the other races, but other than that we're all just human here. Dwarves, elves, and halflings haven't been discovered yet, if they exist at all.

    There are other differences, such as armor gives damage reduction instead of AC bonuses, but in general, if you know 3.5 rules, then you'll catch on to IH pretty quick. The biggest differences are in the attitude and feel of the game rather than in the system rules. Basically, if DnD is based on Tolkien's Lord of the Rings, then Iron Heroes is based on Conan.
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    You can count me in for Friday or Saturday nights, and mature themes do not bother me. Iron Heroes and Arcana Unearthed are settings that intrigued me. I have the IH ruleset and the IH book so I all I need to know is the time.
    All things in life are questions of balance/or timing.

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    I for one would love to be involved. I have heard nothing but good things about Iron Heroes. I am available at night to play, any time after 7pm est if you are interested.

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