The developers at Digital Adventures are busier than a one-legged Riverdancer, and as a result we need help finding any lingering bugs in the last of our Fantasy Grounds II product conversions.

This is a call out to any Digital Adventures customers who have purchased the Arcana Evolved Ruleset for Fantasy Grounds, The AE Spell Treasury For Fantasy Grounds, and the Legacy of the Dragons Bestiary to become playtesters for our AE upgrades for Fantasy Grounds II.

We would prefer those that have purchased all three of the above mentioned AE accessories, your purchase needs to be confirmed before you are accepted, and testers must fill out our Non-Disclosure form (and be able to scan the signed page and email it back to us). We will take the first 10 applicants that fit the above criteria.

To qualify please email your name, where you purchased your AE for FG products, and if possible a copy of your email purchase confirmation to:

[email protected]