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    3.5 Game: Monte Cook's new Megadungeon LF 1-2 more players

    I posted awhile back ... we have two, looking for at least one more, hopefully two. This campaign is currently being written by Monte Cook. It's brand new, and has nothing to do with Arcana Evolved or Ptolus. It's a great adventure, though!

    So far we have a psion and a Half-Ogre monk, which promises for a very interesting game.

    We are all located around Asia and Australia ... we will be playing Saturday late afternoons, evenings (GMT +9).

    If you have any questions about the campaign, feel free to contact me!

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    Hey I am very inteersted I am Sydney based player. Been playing DND since the year dot (70's). Actively playing 3.5 on Fg2 and in RL.

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    Our group has been filled!

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