Fantastic Maps - Lairs Pack
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Fantastic Maps and Rite Publishing present:

A Bundle of Lairs!

Jonathan Roberts, cartographer forTheBreaking of Forstor Nagar, and George R.R. Martin's Lands of Ice and Fire presents a bundle of 10 Fantastic Maps

  1. Bandit's Lair: Your brigands, highwaymen, and rebels all need a home base from which to harass the PCs and their hometown!
  2. Dragon's Lair: designed especially for Red Dragons and Fire Drakes, give your PCs a place to wake the wyrm!
  3. Ice Temple: These crazy cultists worship a dragon trapped in a frozen waterfall and your PCs get to walk right on top of it.
  4. Island Cave: Be it in the middle of a swamp, river, or just off the coastline, it's the perfect local for your PCs to attempt to root out a local monster.
  5. Low River: Deep underground water flows by the abode of monsters, it's the perfect site from which PCs cant delve the world below.
  6. Necromancer's Lair: Masters of animating the dead, or summoning fell spirits all need a place from which they can work their foul magics and your PCs can find it here!
  7. Giant's Meadhall: Weather it's a retelling of Beowulf, a foray into the halls of a frost giant jarl, or you just need a setting for a great Viking party have we got the map for you!
  8. Sand Dragon Inn: Everyone needs a place to rest their head, Jonathan Roberts brings you a one with for an Arabian Night of entertainment.
  9. Tribal Encampment: Here on the great open plains, your local tribes can hold meetings of great import regardless if they are barbarians, lion-men, or centaurs.
  10. Watchfire Keep: Your PCs can hold, invade, or sneak in this unique keep so that you can light, extinguish, or manipulate the beacon fire!

Fantasy Grounds Conversion: Doug Davison

Requirements: A Full or Ultimate license of Fantasy Grounds

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Released on October 08, 2014

Designed for Fantasy Grounds version 3.0.10 and higher.



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