Players Guide to Aihrde
Troll Lord Games

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Castles & Crusades Players Guide to Aihrde

The World of Aihrde

The world of Aihrde spins upon an Earth-like axis of ancient civilizations where good and evil have struggled for countless years. It is a world that bears the markings of its past; where ancient evils slumber, stained with the power of Eldritch wizardry; where gods dwell in bejeweled halls of wonderment, worshipped by men and women of all creeds; where dragons live in great dens of heaped treasure; where the new stands upon the ruins of the old in beds of ancient glory.

For a thousand years and more the dark god Unklar ruled the world in a terrible reign of Winter's Dark. But now, banished to the Great Empty, Aihrde is a world reborn.

What Lies Herein

In the Players Guide to Aihrde you will find a plethora of new gaming material for your Castles & Crusades Game. Designed specifically with the player in mind!

This Castles & Crusades product contains:

Expand your understanding of the world and the game.

Portable to any campaign and setting!

Fantasy Grounds Conversion: Scott Geeding

Requirements: An active subscription or a one time purchase of a Fantasy Grounds Full or Ultimate license and a one time purchase of the Castles & Crusades ruleset.

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Released on April 17, 2018

Designed for Fantasy Grounds version 3.3.5 and higher.



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